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We are passionate supporters of the UK manufacturing and engineering sector. 🇬🇧

If you manufacture and engineer products in the United Kingdom – Sugar PR is on your side and we’re passionate about seeing your business and brand succeed. 

Our experience with some of the UK’s leading family-owned manufacturing companies and our passion for supporting the development of the UK manufacturing sector in a post-Brexit landscape means you won’t find a PR agency more energetic to support your business. 

We are strongly connected in the UK regions and we support the strength of UK regional media platforms which we believe are the bedrock of key media alongside trade media in terms of the influence and impact it has on your brand. 

Grow your manufacturing and engineering brand in the right way with Sugar PR.

Sugar PR will build your manufacturing business eye-catching, investable and brand-building media coverage to support your business and sales goals. 

If you make it in Britain – we want to work with you. 🇬🇧

Building your brand as a home-grown British enterprise will power your manufacturing business to new heights in 2021 and beyond. 

Managing your PR, media relations and brand development professionally with Sugar PR means that you’ll rapidly see your business become and ’employer of choice’, support your sales and marketing strategy and perfectly position your business in the eyes of your target audience. 

Engineering & industrial PR

Engineering and industrial businesses are in our blood as a business-to-business PR agency. Being based in the original city of the Industrial Revolution – and having clients across the North of England , Midlands and the South West has positioned us as the leading PR company in the manufacturing sector. 

We specialise in representing family-owned, private businesses with a turnover of £5m+. 

We’re confident that by appointing Sugar PR, your manufacturing business will raising awareness about your specialist UK-manufactured products and the people and personalities behind it. 

Drop us a line below if that sounds just like you. 

There is a major resurgence in the UK manufacturing and engineering sectors. We are passionate about being a trusted marketing and PR adviser to the very best UK privately-owned companies all the way through their growth phase and subsequent funding, growth and investment strategies. 

 Speak to our manufacturing and engineering PR agency team and please add us into the mix.  We would love to be part of your selection process. We are  happy to talk about the type of positive PR coverage and media exposure we can achieve your for your business on the phone (0161) 817 8050 confidentially or meet up face-to-face so you can see what we’re all about.

Sugar PR is one of the best PR companies in Manchester

Speak to Pete Davies at Sugar PR to discuss the PR requirements for your UK-based manufacturing/engineering business. Call 07779 033 016 or email