Media Relations

First class relationships with influential media contacts are the pride of our PR business. We’re trusted by national, regional and trade editors, journalists and reporters to provide them with timely, accurate and well-presented content for publication. As well as creating and distributing regular press releases, features, photography and PR video to key media titles – we also introduce our clients to our extensive network of powerful media influencers who can play a role in supporting their business.


It’s not just what you say to people it’s how you say it. If you’re in charge of marketing your organisation you’ll know the importance of making your voice ‘leap off the page’ and the need to apply consistency in the way that you speak with your multiple audiences.

Our copywriting service, led by our founder Pete Davies, considers not only the choice of words, diction, rhythm and tone-of-voice – but also the relevance and appropriateness of content. For example, if we’re writing web copy we look at the meta descriptions too, if we’re writing print copy, we consider the use of different fonts and weights.

As well as working on collateral that we’ve designed ourselves, we also work in partnership with a number of brilliant design and creative agencies to make sure that our copywriting does justice to the brands they have created.

What’s more, if there’s a better way of communicating something (rather than the written word) we’re a great believer in saying so. We consider infographics, video, podcasts and animation to be equally valid PR tools which should be in your marketing approach in today’s challenging business climate.

Crisis management

Being out of the press is just as important as being in it. We are appointed on a project basis to handle tricky, confidential media queries put to a wide range of individuals, business leaders and companies. We are often referred to by professional advisers – including lawyers, doctors and accountants to respond to tricky media queries which could affect their reputation and livelihood.

If your organisation comes under fire from the public, your clients – and the media –  we’re experts in handling the situation for you. We’ll make sure that your side of the story is correctly positioned and that your industry, employees, shareholders and the marketplace views you in a positive and respectable way.

All our clients have a professional media query process which enables the Sugar PR team to be first in line to respond in their best interests.

Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest opportunities for b2b brands to raise awareness and position people as thought leaders. If you’ve set up social media channels for your business such as Twitter, Facebook or Linked-In pages the chances are you aren’t using them properly.

The evidence proves that social media only works in a b2b context if you’ve got the platforms set up correctly, a consistent tone of voice that chimes with your business, engaging content and you are measuring the organic and paid metrics accurately. We’ll manage your multiple social media accounts so you can enjoy the benefits of getting a ROI from the fastest growing media channels in the world.

Corporate change communications

When major changes happen in a business – such as the introduction of a new management team, change of ownership, change of marketing strategy, new investors or shareholders or you simply need an overhaul of your existing PR and content strategy – we can help.

We’re always happy to talk to business owners or marketing managers and marketing directors who want to freshen things up because of recent changes in their business.

Please don’t be shy to call us on 0161 817 8050 for a confidential chat so we can discuss how we can support you to implement changes.