We serve clients in ten key sectors. We have personal experience of each of these ten sectors and we understand the issues, challenges and opportunities each of these sector has in terms of PR and Content Marketing.

If you run a business, or you’re responsible for marketing in any of these sectors, we’d love to have a conversation about boosting your PR and content marketing.

Professional & Financial Services

Reputation is everything for professional advisers. When you rely on a stream of referrals from happy clients and other professional advisers (such as law firms, accountancy practices, investment managers, banks and private equity firms) you need to maintain credibility and profile.

The powerful way to establish a strong reputation in your marketplace is to use all the media channels you have available to become a genuine thought leader. It’s no good saying the same thing as everyone else and being what we call a “me too” kind of guy. You need to make sure you offer the marketplace original, thought provoking, media friendly content.

We’ll ensure that your practice – and your partners – feature regularly in key media titles and that PR opportunities are maximised. That means your team just has to focus on doing what it does best – which is advising clients and generating more fees.

Business services

The b2b sales funnel is complex. There are more decision makers than you can shake a stick at and even the best rainmakers or sales people can see a deal disappear into thin air at the last minute. Your PR messaging and content marketing has to appeal to the logical and emotional side of the person holding purse strings.

Good PR and content marketing to the right people, at the right time, will ensure that deals and prospects in your pipeline close faster and you get on their radar more often when they have a need for your products or services.


We work with property developers, commercial agents, retail and leisure asset management companies, social housing providers, architects and a variety of other advisers to the construction industry. Property is one of those sectors where trust and relationship building are essential. Our PR and content marketing team will make sure that your developments, schemes, proposals and planning process is properly communicated across all media channels. We understand the sensitivity, people and political issues at stake when it comes to your property development scheme and we understand the importance of commercialisation of your property asset portfolio.


Technology excites us. We will act for your technology business at whatever stage you are at. We’re equally happy working for small startups, fast growth SMEs or larger corporates.

If you’re looking for investors or seeking to introduce a new piece of technology you’ve developed into a specific marketplace we’ll make sure it’s features and benefits are clearly understood by a sophisticated b2b purchaser.


All business owners need to demonstrate clear leadership, direction and strategic vision. We’ll help your management team navigate the media and support them to articulate the future direction of the business. Good business results, new people, new services, new premises and new initiatives need professionally communicating to the media and across all your marketing channels. Speak to us about putting a plan in place to support your business strategy.


Education is one of the most competitive businesses there is. With pressure on school, colleges, universities and private education providers investment in good PR and content marketing is essential. OFSTED reports aren’t enough. Parents, pupils and students want their emotional – as well as their logical decision making triggered. Speak to us abut our experience in the education sector and how we can make your establishment the most alluring place to learn.

Banking & Funding

If you’re in the business of money, you’re in the business of trust. Especially when it comes to targeting other businesses. Our experienced team has worked with with mainstream business banks, alternative lenders, private equity firms, venture capital outfits, investment banks and niche short-term lenders to maintain a positive reputation in the marketplace. Our team have worked with some of the worlds biggest banks, building societies and and independently owned alternative lenders.

Sports PR

If you are the manager, agent or intermediary for a sports professional, our specialist sports PR agency team in Manchester handles all the public relations and media requirements for your client. Our client roster includes professional footballers, mixed martial artists and boxers.

Our specialist sports PR team is headed up by former Manchester United, Manchester City and Everton footballer Mia Walters.


We are experienced at supporting insurance underwriters and insurance brokers. Ultimately, it’s about growing the gross working premium (GWP) on your book – whether you’re a broker or a carrier. Using PR and content marketing effectively will see your GWP grow exponentially as well as creating valuable brand equity in your brand and, therefore, the ultimate value of your book. Speak to our team today on 0161 980 0872 to find out what we can do to help your insurance business grow.


It’s a pleasure and a privilege to work on a pro-bono basis with local Manchester-based charity ‘The Mancunian Way’. The charity aims to combat anti-social behaviour in deprived areas of Greater Manchester. You can check out the amazing, life-changing work they carry out here.