Video PR

Video PR with Sugar PR is the fastest and most powerful way to get your PR messages seen and heard. Our specialist video PR team will make you video content to support your PR campaign. We have all our own studio kit and only film in 4k using specialist Sony cameras which is why our images are so smooth and PR-friendly – and easy on your marketing campaign budgets. 

Our PR expertise means we will edit the film to focus on the most eye-catching, engaging and media-friendly aspect of your marketing campaign. We’ll also retain all your corporate guidelines to ensure your video is ‘on brand’. 

We also have a 4k drone camera to capture beautiful and brilliant aerial views and ambience for your film. 

If you are a marketing manager we should be on your radar for all your video content requirements and we can agree a fantastic range of packages if you want to increase the volume of video content featuring your people. 

Call us now on (0161) 817 8050 to get a quote for your next video PR campaign. 

Vox-pop PR

Campaign vids

Interview films

Promo videos

If you have got a marketing or promotional campaign we will provide you with a brilliant, PR-friendly film to support your marketing objectives.

Marketing managers love our agile way of filming smooth, crystal clear 4k quality formats that work perfectly on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

"Sugar PR delivers rapid, professional, engaging 4k quality PR video for your social media and marketing campaigns. Film footage that simply
works wonders for your business."

What is a PR video?

How much is it?

Why does it work?

PR videos help support your marketing or public relations campaign. They help visualise your campaign and bring it to life to engage your target audience. 

We produce PR videos for clients who have big and small budgets. Our fees start at just £1,500 for a PR video. When you brief us – we’ll give you a quote. 

Video is the most powerful media format in the world. Think about how often you watch videos online. It will amplify your campaign dramatically.