Professional & Financial PR

We’ll ensure that your practice – and your partners – feature regularly in key media titles and that PR opportunities are maximised. That means your team just has to focus on doing what it does best – which is advising clients and generating new clients.

Reputation is everything for professional advisers. When you rely on a stream of referrals from happy clients and other professional advisers (such as law firmsaccountancy practicesbanks and corporate finance advisers) you need to maintain credibility and profile.

The powerful way to establish a strong reputation in your marketplace is to use all the media channels you have available to become a genuine thought leader

It’s no good saying the same thing as everyone else and being what we call a “me too” kind of guy. You need to make sure you offer the marketplace original, thought provoking, media friendly content.

If you are responsible for marketing and you need an experienced, agile, hungry and fresh agency who can get on well with your partners and help them get the profile they deserve – then speak to us about our way of working.

We provide measurable results which will contribute positively to your marketing and business development plan.

We’re confident that by appointing Sugar PR, your professional advisory practice will experience a rapid increase in media profile, enhancing their reputation and growing the volume and quality of work in your firm. 

Regular media profile will help stimulate new leads and build new business opportunities for your marketing and business development team.  


We work with professional services firms on a retained basis and can also work on specialist short-term projects to raise the profile of key campaigns or new departments and new services. 

Speak to our managing director (Pete Davies) directly to see if we can work together. 

Pete heads up the agency – and the professional and financial services team in the agency after more than a decade handling PR for law firms, accountants, corporate finance and financial institutions. 

Call us on (0161) 817 8050 or email us now. 

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