Sugar PR joins Manchester Digital: you should sign up too

Manchester Digital Logo via Sugar PR website

Sugar PR joins Manchester Digital: you should sign up too

Manchester is the capital of the digital marketing industry. We’ve got more e-commerce and more digital agencies here than you can shake a stick at. That’s why, today, we’ve joined the city’s biggest digital community in Manchester Digital.

We’re at the cusp of a revolution in PR. Long gone are the days when a press release was all you needed to get profile for your business. A good picture is nice but sometimes it doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

What’s the value of that last tweet you did? Who read your last blog? Why is your website so bad?  Also, why the hell don’t you have a YouTube channel yet? 

F*ck beige PR and marketing

We believe it’s time for you to do different. As we say so often: f*ck beige PR and marketing.

If you’re going to make a PR impact with your business you’re going to need the services and expertise of Sugar PR and the rest of the Manchester Digital members.

As a collective we’re striving to make the digital infrastructure of Manchester a better place and play an important role in promoting Manchester as a brilliant place to do digital business.

Not only is our city a fantastic place to locate (or re-locate) but it’s got access to the most talented people in the world.

Manchester Digital: a real northern powerhouse

Manchester Digital represents more than five hundred companies and it offers an advantage to small and large businesses. Quite simply, it has no competition in terms of reach, influence and persuasion in the North of England. It’s a real northern powerhouse. 

One of our clients is a law firm providing services to the booming FinTech industry in Manchester. Another is the UK’s fastest growing e-retailer of electric bikes. Another one is a fast growing pay-per-click agency.

Therefore, if you run an innovative business then we should be talking. We’re really picky about who we work with so if you feel that your business is really different and really innovative get in touch with us here at 76 King Street in Manchester.

We’re really proud to be members of Manchester Digital. You should join too.