Tech startup Moneyshake appoints Sugar PR

Tech PR agency in Manchester Sugar PR launches Moneyshake

Tech startup Moneyshake appoints Sugar PR

Moneyshake, the specialist price comparison website has appointed Sugar PR to support its media launch as it aims to drive disruption of the UK car leasing market.

Sugar PR is delighted to have been appointed to handle media and public relations activity to introduce the Moneyshake brand to tech and business media. Our friends at Delineo, the award-winning integrated digital agency in Manchester have also been appointed to develop the brand.

Our specialist tech PR agency in Manchester has already secured some brilliant positive media coverage and PR exposure for the launch of the new tech venture in business media here, here and here. Leading tech media such as Business Cloud and other FinTech media also carried our story and we’ve set up some great opportunities for the founders to continue telling their story along their growth journey.

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Moneyshake helps people find the best lease deals quickly by comparing prices from the UK’s leading providers. The founders have secured £500,000 seed stage investment from the Development Bank of Wales and serial entrepreneur Tim Scholes, a private investor and experienced strategy professional.

The Development Bank of Wales was set up by the Welsh Government to support the economy of Wales by making it easier for businesses to get the finance needed to start up, strengthen and grow. The purpose of the Development Bank is to unlock potential in the economy of Wales by increasing the provision of sustainable, effective finance in the market.

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The Development Bank of Wales invested £80m across 420 investments in the financial year 18/19 which in turn attracted £126m in private sector investment.

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Car leasing continues to rise in popularity as people desire new cars more frequently and leasing is seen as the future of car ownership. Typical leases range between 18 and 36 months. Vehicles are handed back to the leasing providers at the end of a contract.

Research* from the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) reveals there are more than 5 million leased cars on the road in the UK. Last year, the consumer car market saw the highest level of growth in the leasing sector at 14%.

Eben Lovatt, CEO of Moneyshake (pictured), said:

Moneyshake has appointed Sugar PR to handle media and public relations.

Moneyshake has appointed Sugar PR to handle media and public relations.

As more people turn to leasing rather than buying a new car our business can only grow. We had a fantastic response from the investment community when we did our funding round. We carefully considered which creative agency and PR agency to appoint to support us with our launch and ongoing activity.

In Delineo and Sugar PR we have found partners who share the passion for startup culture and like to do things differently. Our plan is to grow the Moneyshake brand to become synonymous with car leasing. We’ve got a fantastic brand, a brilliant website, great people and now we’ve got the investment we needed to take it all to the next level.

Pete Davies, managing director of Sugar PR in Manchester, said:

Moneyshake has the potential to be a positive disruptive player not just in the price comparison sector but in the wider FinTech market. Sugar PR is excited to help tell the story of its launch. There’s a hunger for stories about fast-growth disruptive tech firms that are attracting funding. Moneyshake has all the ingredients to become of the UK’s leading tech success stories.

Sam Rowlands, director of Delineo, added:

We are delighted to have been appointed to develop the Moneyshake brand which is all about making customer’s lives easier by cutting through the clutter to secure the very best deal. The brand has a distinctive tone-of-voice and visual language and we are looking forward to amplifying this during the remainder of 2019 and beyond with compelling creative and innovative strategies aimed at really shaking up this market.

We secured media coverage for in some of the following influential media titles:

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